The Greenhouse
A Business Coaching Group for Women Business Owners

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
African Proverb

Want to develop and grow yourself and your business?

The Greenhouse is a business coaching group designed specifically for women running small businesses, offering help and support to ensure they and their business grow and flourish.

By bringing you together with a small number of other like-minded business owners, I encourage and help you to mutually support and challenge each other to set and achieve the things you really want: bigger sales, more clients, a clear path to future success, a better work-life balance and more confidence in yourself as a businesswoman.

The fact is, money doesn’t grow on trees (if only!). But together, we will make sure you plant the seeds of your future success, draw up the plans and cultivate the habits and mindset that will enable your growth, and weed out the obstacles in your way. We’ll cover whatever ground is needed to make that happen, so you go from feeling swamped to knowing you are on the path to success.

Each group has a maximum of six members, and meets for a three-hour session once per month for six months. Facilitated by a professional business coach (me!), each session is an opportunity to take time to explore issues that are important to you and your business success, and to think, work on, and break through, your own challenges in a safe, confidential environment, while helping other members do the same.

The ethos is supportive, collaborative, challenging, confidential and safe. This is not networking, or selling… this is a place to focus on yourself and your own business.

It’s a bit like developing your own board of trusted colleagues – and I will encourage you to develop really trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with each other that help you and your business to flourish. I will offer you support online between sessions too, so you can choose to really make the most of your time with me and the group if you want to.

And, if you do decide you want a little bit of extra one-to-one coaching support on something, you can get that from me at specially discounted rates while you’re a Greenhouse member.

THe Greenhouse - where businesses grow and business owners flourish

Why join?

  • Realise opportunities and solve issues
  • Take time to think and plan with structure & direction
  • Set goals, and be held accountable for them!
  • Share knowledge, experience, highs and lows with others who “get it”
  • Develop new ways of thinking, and challenge yourself more effectively
  • Become more confident in yourself as a business owner
  • Feel less lonely in your business journey – share the highs and lows
  • Get access to some business coaching at an affordable cost!

Tell me more...

Where and When Does The Greenhouse Take Place?


The comfort of your own home or office, via Zoom


I am now taking bookings for the next Greenhouse cohort, starting on April 16th 2021 .  The remaining five sessions take place on the 2nd Friday of each month until September

Who is The Greenhouse suitable for?

It’s suitable for any woman who runs their own business, from freelancers and sole traders with micro-businesses, to those running medium sized companies. You are welcome to join and will benefit from the group whether your business is a recent start-up or a well-established business.

There are no geographic restrictions, as long as you are prepared to travel to the sessions in Ashby de la Zouch

What does it cost?

Each group of six sessions costs just £299 – that’s less than £50 per session, for a whole morning of business coaching.

Life Atlas Coaching does not charge VAT.

What previous members have to say about it....

Jo challenged and pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but it didn’t hurt! I made huge changes to my business and actually got on with actions because of being held to account. That is now paying off for me.My group coaching experience made me feel secure to express my inner doubts and confident to move things forward.

Challenging, thought provoking, supportive and accountable just some of the words I would use to describe my experience. Jo Lee is masterful in her ability to make you question yourself and your business strategy and as a result make changes that are impactful.

Jo creates a supportive, honest environment with just the right amount of structure to encourage insightful appraisal of your business. Working with other  businesses brings a valuable pool of experiences & expertise to discussions.

My mindset around selling has changed so I’m approaching my business development differently….and I’ve won two new international clients!

Interested in joining?

Contact Jo to find out more or book your seat in The Greenhouse

You can call me on 07947 623211  email  or click the button to send me a message