The Bird Table™
for mums returning to work

“Being a mother is discovering strengths you never knew you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.”
Linda Wooten

Planning on returning to work?

The Bird Table™ for mums is a coaching group for mums who have decided to return to work after a break to look after their children.

Whether your break has been a “standard” one year maternity leave or something much longer, the group is designed to help you develop your return to work plan and the confidence you need to get back to work successfully. We bring you together with a small number of other like-minded mums to mutually support and challenge each other to make your desire to be a happy and successful working mum into a reality.

Each group has a maximum of six members, and meets once per month for three months. Run by a professional career and life coach (me!), each session is an opportunity to take time to think and plan, to work on and break through the challenges that may stop you achieving what you want, and to develop more confidence in yourself and your ability to return to work and to juggle work and motherhood successfully.

You’ll be in a safe, confidential environment and, as well as developing your own confidence and making your own decisions about your future, you’ll help other members at The Table to do the same. The ethos is supportive, collaborative, challenging, confidential and safe. This is not about networking, or selling things, or comparing yourself to or competing with other mums… this is a place to focus on yourself and your own needs (for a change!).

It’s a bit like developing your own trusted team of cheerleaders – and I will encourage you to develop really trusting, mutually beneficial relationships with each other that help you flourish and return to work successfully…without feeling guilty! I will offer you support online between sessions too, so you can choose to really make the most of your time with me and the group if you want to.

To keep things informal and comfortable and costs low, the group meets at my home just outside Ashby de la Zouch. Please note that, as this is a time for you and other group members to concentrate and focus on you and your needs, children cannot be brought with you to the sessions.

The Ashby de la Zouch Bird Table™ group is part of a network of Bird Table™ business development groups around the UK. You can find out more about The Bird Table on their website.

Why join?

  • Take time for you and your brain again, to think, plan and make decisions
  • Set your plan in place
  • Be held accountable for making it happen, and hold others to account too
  • Remember your strengths
  • Identify any fears or blocks and get them out of the way!
  • Tackle any negative emotions or worries about returning to work
  • Share warm support as you progress
  • Work with a professional life and career coach at an affordable cost

Tell me more...

Where and When Do the Groups Take Place?

Where: Life Atlas Coaching Home Office in Donisthorpe

When: Fridays 9.30am-12 noon, once a month. Now taking bookings for the Spring term, (first meeting 9th February 2018)

NB: Groups are always held during school term times and not during holidays


Who is The Bird Table suitable for?

The Bird Table™ for Mums is for any mum who is planning to return to work in the near future, and who is either looking to build confidence to make that return or who needs to think about and make decisions about what that work will be and/or how to juggle work and motherhood. Or both!

There are no geographic restrictions, as long as you are prepared to travel to the sessions in Ashby de la Zouch

What does it cost?

You only commit to one term (three sessions) at a time.

Membership for one term  costs just £100 (reduced to £85 if you book and pay for your membership at least two weeks in advance of the term starting).

Interested in joining?

Contact Jo to find out more or book your seat at The Bird Table

You can call me on 07947 623211  email  or click the button to send me a message