“A massive thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the past few months. You’ve given me my vision, goals, confidence and zest for life back, whilst listening intently to my endless trains of thought and giving me the unbiased, gentle honesty I desperately needed. I (and my family) could not be more grateful!”

Alice, Career Changer & Confidence Builder


“I came to coaching feeling like I was completely unfocused and going round in circles. I had no time to myself and wasn’t enjoying any of the jobs that I had. I had no idea what I was going to do to try and sort it out.  I knew that I didn’t need counselling but wanted to try coaching as I’d read it could help with how I was feeling with regards to my career etc.

From the first telephone conversation with Jo I felt that this was someone who I could talk to and who could help. Jo has a very friendly and relaxed way of coaching but at the same time was very focused on getting me to really work out what was important to me and how I, with her coaching, could help my situation.

I am now able to see clearly what is important to me and I feel that I’ve developed some tools to keep me focused in the future. I have also managed to find some very important ‘me time’. I have really enjoyed the process and would highly recommend Jo to anyone considering hiring a life coach ”

Emma, Career Developer & Work Life Balance Improver


“I had felt anxious about certain situations and people that I encounter at work for about a year before I started to work with Jo.  Jo was very supportive and non-judgemental and helped me to understand why I felt the way I felt, and develop tactics to use to overcome this anxiety. I would highly recommend!”

Emma, Confidence Builder


“When I started coaching I was in rather a confused state of mind. My business was growing at a fast rate and I felt overwhelmed and lacking in confidence – I needed to work out how I was going to manage the growth and develop the right mindset to manage a larger business. Through our sessions I have developed my self awareness, and feel much more confident now – I’m glad to say the imposter syndrome has been pushed to the back of my mind!

I really enjoyed the coaching – you are so easy to open up to. You know when to push to make me think beyond my current mindset and you’ve helped me open myself up to new ideas and ways of managing the business. I actually feel like a successful and able business owner now, rather than someone who has just been lucky!”

Zoe, Business Owner


“Coaching with you has made such a big difference. When we first met I was desperately trying (and failing) to believe I was good enough to get a better job, but was terrified of trying. Coaching has helped me change my attitude towards myself positively, so I no longer see myself as a victim of others, and more as someone that finds positive solutions to challenging events. I have gained a huge amount of confidence and belief in myself and now feel I have permission to be who I am, and have realised that my abilities are wanted and valued by others. I have appreciated your vast experience, your wisdom and your patience. You stay focused even when the client is not, and always seemed conscious and aware of how far outside my comfort zone I could go to understand how I impact on my own achievement. When a process became too much for me, you seamlessly found another way to help me see what I needed to. You have helped me change my behaviour and viewpoints so that now the possibilities for my future seem endless. Thank you so much for re-engaging me to the world ”

Muriel, Career Developer & Confidence Builder


“I personally recommend Jo’s workshops – life changing, a must. Get yourself booked on one!”

Sue, Work-Life Balance Workshop Delegate


“Jo has been a fantastic support in helping me explore and understand my personal and career goals and how these have changed since I have become a mum. I feel a lot more confident in who I am and in making the right steps in the future for myself and for my family”

Kathryn, Career Developer 


” I was lucky enough to have a coaching session with Jo whilst on maternity leave to consider my future career. Jo gave me much needed space to focus on my priorities and options at a time when this is hard to find. Through gentle challenging and questions, Jo enabled me to get a much clearer sense of where I want to get to over the next few years. I am very much at the beginning of my journey but i feel more confident now to move forward”

Laura, Career Developer


“A massive thank you to you. The work you did with me has helped me work out a new direction that totally fits with my values and makes me excited again. The long term visualisation work we did in particular was really powerful – a lot clearer than I thought it might be: it gave me something concrete to work with.

Coaching with you was very relaxed and natural and I have enjoyed being able to just think about what I want, rather than it always being second or third in the list of priorities. You made me think about things from a different side and encouraged me to think seriously about the issues I was facing and how I might work towards changing them. You were able to pick up on things that I hadn’t necessarily noticed, things I thought were small and inconsequential but actually weren’t. ”

Catherine, Career Developer 


“Jo has coached me on a number of occasions. She has a fabulous way about her. She is calm, caring and inquisitive, with an amazing ability to put you instantly at ease and ask the right question at the right time to unlock your thinking. Jo has helped me to believe in myself and my own capabilities. I have a lot to thank her for. I would highly recommend Jo as a coach, she has a natural talent in this field.”

Jo W,  Small Business Owner


“Thank you for your support in helping me to reach my decision. I enjoyed the coaching with you – you really got me thinking. You made me feel totally comfortable and you are very easy to talk to. For once, I feel that I have really thought about what I want and why rather than just jumping in as I usually do! I have gained so much from the process”

Jo P,  Career Changer


“Thank you so much Jo for all the support you have given me. I found you really approachable and non-judgmental and there are things we have uncovered over the past few weeks that no-one has ever suggested to me before.  I didn’t know much at all about personal values and uncovering mine has been really life-changing, enabling me to understand myself better and what I am looking for.  I felt at quite a low point when I came to you and facing up to how I was feeling made me tearful as it was so raw but I now feel so much happier in myself and have seen a lot of my confidence restored.  My renewed happiness and confidence is making all the difference in my life now and I find myself having much more success.”

Abigail, Confidence Builder 


“With her background as a successful, professional woman who has thoughtfully pursued her own development and taken time to become the best she can be, Jo has a clear passion for supporting other women to do the same. She radiates a ‘can do’ attitude, and this positivity comes across in the way that she coaches. She is skilled at getting to the heart of a challenge so that you can move past the obstacles that stand between you and your goals.”

Teresa, Small Business Owner