Strong Woman Development Programme

“Don’t let anyone define you. You define yourself”
Billie Jean King

Struggling with confidence, resilience or

It’s time to ignite your inner sparkle!

Ever feel like no matter how amazing your life looks to others on the outside (great achievements, fantastic family and friends, good job, your own home, for starters), inside you feel anxious and unconfident because you don’t feel that great about yourself, your life and what you are capable of at all?

Do you find you spend more time worrying than actually getting on and enjoying life? Perhaps you feel you’ve really just been lucky so far and you’re feeling a bit of a fraud? Maybe you haven’t got the confidence to do or say the things you really want to – the things that would make you truly happy – because you’re concerned about upsetting other people? Or perhaps, if you’re being honest, you just really wish you could just spend less time worrying about whether things are perfect enough and more time enjoying life?

Life Atlas Coaching’s Strong Woman Development Programme is a six month life coaching programme designed to help you develop a positive mindset and build personal confidence and self-esteem so you feel ready to take on whatever the world has to throw at you and able to make strong decisions for yourself about what is right for you in your life and work.

Sparkler. Ignite your inner sparkle.

Who will benefit from this programme?

  • working mothers struggling with guilt, anxiety and the endless demands of others on their emotions, who wish to regain some personal confidence, the ability to say no (or at least say what they really feel!), and change the way they feel as a result of the constant pressures of juggling work and family
  • women considering returning to work after a career break or maternity leave who wish to learn more about themselves, develop their personal skills and strengths and regain the sense of self, self-confidence and self-esteem they need ready for their return to the workplace
  • younger women (e.g. students, new graduates and those starting out in the workplace) who are likely to be juggling career and family in their futures and want to get a head-start by developing a positive mindset, strong self-esteem and confidence from the get-go
  • Women struggling with a feeling of not being good-enough (at work, home or both), or who are struggling with confidence on the inside even though on the outside they may appear to have it all

What will you get out of the programme?

  • Greater confidence and self-esteem
  • A deep understanding of what really matters to you
  • Fewer “hang-ups”, and new ways of thinking about yourself and your life so your worries no longer stop you from achieving the happiness and success you want
  • A better understanding about how to think positively and take positive responsibility for your happiness
  • The ability to use what you learn about yourself to make strong decisions, build strong relationships and find work that is fulfilling
  • An actionable personal life plan, covering goals for different areas of your life in the short, medium and long term

What does the programme consist of?

  • Eight personal coaching sessions over six months
  • Core programme elements designed to help you understand your personal strengths, personal values, personal needs and priorities
  • Bespoke programme elements designed to identify, tackle, remove and change the specific mindset and confidence issues that are stopping you from enjoying your life to the full
  • Between session support by email, for times you need some extra help
  • All the tools, exercises and workbooks needed to complete the programme and achieve the change you are after

How much does the programme cost?

The Strong Woman Development Programme costs from £999.

This price is based on coaching sessions taking place at the Life Atlas office or over the phone. The cost to hold sessions in other locations may vary

Ready to become a stronger woman?

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