Quick Breakthrough Session

“All you need is the plan, your roadmap, and the courage to press on to your destination”
Earl Nightingale

Feeling Stuck? Struggling with a Decision?

Got a decision to make that you’re struggling with? Going round and round in circles trying to decide what to do about something? Or got something to achieve and  know what you want but can’t work out quite what to do next?

While longer coaching programmes are a great way to bring lasting benefits (find out more about why this is on our FAQ page) sometimes a single, in-depth coaching session is just what you need to get the breakthrough in your thinking that you need to solve a dilemma, or make a decision that you’ve been struggling over.

Which is right where Life Atlas Coaching’s Quick Breakthrough Session comes in.

It’s short, it’s sweet and it gets you on the right road to success.

The Quick Breakthrough Session is suitable for both personal and business issues, and is designed to get you focussed and back on track quickly with decisions made and a plan of action in place.

Through an in-depth coaching conversation I will encourage you to think deeply to work out what is getting in the way for you and how to overcome difficult issues; I’ll help you consider your options, opening up your mind to new possibilities along the way; and I’ll navigate a path to help you work out the right way forward and put together the plan that will make sure you get there.

If the weather’s good (or if you just like being out in the rain!) you also have the option of choosing to “walk and talk” in the countryside around my home office in the Heart of the National Forest for your quick breakthrough session (usually stopping for a drink at a cafe in the middle!).

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This programme is for you if...

  • You have got an important decision to make that you are struggling with, and you need some help to make it
  • There is something specific in your life or business that you want to achieve, and you want some help to put a plan together for achieving it (but you don’t want any further support as you put your plan into action)
  • You’re feeling “stuck” with something that you are doing, and you want some help to unlock your thinking so you can work out what to do next.
  • You’ve got a tight deadline to decide or achieve something and you just can’t work out where to start.

What you'll achieve

  • A better understanding about yourself, your needs and motivations and the reasons why you’ve been struggling to move things forward, which you can use time and again to help you in future
  • You’ll have made your decision and be clear about what to do next
  • You’ll feel motivated to get going and make things happen!

What we'll deliver

  • A half day in-depth coaching session, which takes place in person at the Life Atlas Coaching office in Leicestershire
  • A personalised pre-session questionnaire for you to complete and return before your session
  • Optional follow-up 30 minute coaching session by phone, to help you with continued motivation and delivery

What you'll pay

A Quick Breakthrough session costs £385, or £425 if you’d like to include a follow-up coaching session by phone.

Want more information?

Contact Jo to arrange a free discovery session

You can call on 07947 623211  email discover@lifeatlascoaching.com  or click the button to send me a message