Maternity Coaching

“It is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds” 
 Sophia Amoruso
woman expecting baby working towards maternity leave

Making the change from career girl to motherhood?

  • Wondering how you will combine the demands of your job with those of being a mum, and worrying about whether you will be able to achieve a work-life balance that leaves you any time for yourself?
  • Worrying about what will happen at work in your absence or how you will be regarded when you return to work after your maternity leave
  • Anxious about spending all day at home with a baby (however much you are looking forward to meeting and getting to know them!), when you are used to working hard and enjoying the challenge of your work?
  • Thinking about whether a career-change or starting your own business might be a good way to achieve the flexibility you want as a working mother?
  • Unsure about how long to take on maternity leave or whether to share any of it with your partner and how to broach the issue with your partner or employers?
  • Feeling under pressure to give up work all together to become a full-time mum, when what you really want is to carry on building your career, and worrying about what others are going to think if you do that?
  • Excited by the thought of taking a few years out of work to raise your new family, but worried about the impact it might have on your career in the long term and not sure whether it’s the right decision for you?

How maternity coaching can help

When you’ve spent a few years focussing on your career, working your way up the career ladder and developing your professional skills, having your first baby brings both great excitement and a whole new range of challenges.

Many new mothers struggle with the huge changes that happen in their lives when bringing a baby into their family for the first time. When you’re used to the structure that going out to work every day brings, to being in control, challenging yourself daily at work, successfully managing a team of grown adults and having enough money to enjoy the fruits of your professional success, finding all of this thrown up in the air for a while can be pretty daunting, even for the strongest, most positive and successful woman!

Maternity coaching with me will help you put in place a plan for your maternity leave and the months and years that follow, that is right for you and will help you retain a sense of being in control.  A maternity coaching programme will give you the time and space to talk through the things that are worrying you, think clearly and deeply about the options open to you and find solutions that mean you become as successful as a mum as you are at work…without having to give up the things you love about the work you do.

In short, maternity coaching can help you to ditch the famous “working mothers guilt” before you ever experience it.

The Life Atlas Maternity Coaching Programme

My eight-session maternity coaching programme is designed to support you as you make the transition first from professional, hard working career woman to new mother and then to working mother, with all the juggling that entails.

As well as my experience as a coach,  I brings my personal experience of two lots of maternity leave, a six month period of post natal depression and more than a decade as an employer to the table as I work with you to create a successful start to motherhood.

Jo Lee, life coach, Director Life Atlas Coaching

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