Maternity Coaching Programme

“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had…and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed”
Linda Wooten

Everything's ready for the baby - but how about you?

Expecting a baby is exciting. But going on maternity leave from work can bring mixed emotions, especially when you’ve spent several years building your career. From anxiety about your maternity cover to worry about coping with being at home all day, there’s no denying this is a period of huge change to navigate.

Our maternity coaching programme is designed to support you as you make the transition first from career woman to new mother and then to working mother, with all the juggling that entails. We will work together to help you:

  • Deal emotionally and practically with the changes you’ll experience as you move from career-woman to full-time mum (at least for a while) and then to working mother
  • Tackle any concerns you have about going on maternity leave and what will happen at work while you are away so you feel confident about being able to concentrate on being a mum for a while
  • Be clear about what is important to you as a parent (and what isn’t!), both for your baby and for you as a mum
  • Develop strategies for dealing with parenting issues that you face in the early months of your baby’s life
  • Learn how to use the skills you’ve spent years developing at work to help you as a parent (and the new skills you learn as a parent to help you at work!!)
  • Keep the lines of communication open with your partner or others, if things get tough
  • Develop and put in place a childcare and return-to-work plan, that will help you get a balance between work, life and finances that feels right for you and your family
Mum and baby thinking

On our maternity coaching programme, you will take part in coaching sessions before you leave work, while you are on maternity leave and after you return, and we will cover  and resolve all the concerns and issues that affect you, your family and your work  – however individual and unusual these may be!

You can also involve your partner in some of the sessions if you like, after all this is a life change that affects both of you.

Although this programme is designed to start before you go on maternity leave, if you have already had your baby and started your maternity leave, and think some coaching support could help you manage the changes you are experiencing and help you prepare for your return to work, please get in touch for a chat about how we can help you.

Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Working women expecting a baby, who want to make sound decisions about how to manage their maternity leave and return to work,  both practically and emotionally in a way that works for them and their families.
  • Small business owners who are expecting a baby and want help with planning and managing the dual priorities of running their existing business alongside looking after a baby.
  • Employers looking to retain valuable employees who will be going on maternity leave, who want to support them through this change in circumstances and  ensure they are ready, confident and excited about returning to work once their maternity leave is over.

What you'll achieve

  • Be able to deal emotionally and practically with the changes from career woman to full time mum and then to becoming a working mother
  • Develop parenting strategies that are right for you (whatever anyone else thinks)
  • Make sound decisions about what is right for you and your family when you return to work
  • Return to work with confidence, and without guilt
  • Be well set-up to get a good work-life balance right from the start
  • Successfully manage life on a reduced income during your maternity leave

What we'll deliver

  • Two coaching sessions in the run up to starting your maternity leave
  • Two coaching sessions during the first part of your maternity leave (typically two to four months after your baby is born, but this is very flexible)
  • Two coaching sessions later in your maternity leave before you return to work
  • Two coaching sessions after you have returned to work
  • Between session support by email, for times you need some extra help
  • All the tools, exercises and workbooks needed to complete the programme and achieve the change you are after

What you'll pay

The Maternity Coaching Programme costs from £999, which can be paid in monthly instalments over the period of your coaching programme.

This price is for personal clients. Bespoke maternity coaching programmes are also available both for individuals and companies who wish to support valuable female employees who will be going on maternity leave.

Our Quick Breakthrough Programme may be suitable if you are looking for a single in-depth coaching session to help you devise a childcare/return to work plan.

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