Exam Success Coaching Programme

“It always seems impossible until it is done”
Nelson Mandella

Want to achieve exam success without stress?

Whatever exams you’re studying for – whether that’s A levels, a university degree or professional qualifications – you’ll be determined to achieve success by passing them, ready to open the door to the next stage of your career.

These exams may even be the most important thing you’ve looked to achieve so far. And there’s every chance the thought of what lies ahead in order to pass them, and the pressure you’re feeling from others to achieve a good grade, is leaving you stressed and anxious – not to mention downright overwhelmed.

My exam success coaching programme is a short, focussed coaching programme designed to offer you one to one confidential, unbiased and personalised support to help achieve your very best through effective revision and preparation, while tackling any worries or stress you may be feeling about your exams, so you arrive at exam day in peak condition, confident, relaxed and ready to achieve.

With the exam success coaching programme you will:
  • Create a personalised study/revision strategy based on your personal strengths, needs and learning preferences so you have a revision plan and process you feel confident about and that will work for you
  • Have the opportunity to reflect on and receive feedback about your progress as you execute your revision plan, so you can refine and improve it as needed
  • Learn about study/revision techniques and the factors needed to remember well what you’ve learned
  • Reduce any anxiety or stress you’re experiencing in relation to your exams by learning techniques to reduce and manage stress both throughout your revision period and on the day of the exam
  • Tackle any issues you’re experiencing that are stopping you from revising effectively, such as lack of motivation or problems with concentration
  • Develop confidence in your ability to do well, so you arrive in the exam hall calm, confident and ready to perform at your best
  • Overcome fears, worries and negative beliefs that may stop you revising or studying well or performing well on the day
  • Develop the motivation you need to keep going and do your best if things get tough

Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Full-time students in the sixth form or at FE college studying for A levels (or their equivalent)  or at university taking part ones or finals this year, who are feeling stressed, anxious or unconfident as a result of the pressure they’re feeling to do well
  • Professionals across a wide range of industries who are studying for professional or other business or work-based exams, particularly where business or career progression is dependent on success
  • Mature students studying for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in addition to working their day job, who have forgotten how to study for exams since they were last in education, and may be struggling to fit revision in alongside their other responsibilities.

What you'll achieve

  • A clear, individual revision strategy based on your strengths, personal learning preferences and evidenced success, which will enable you to learn all you need to pass your exams
  • A better understanding about stress and how to manage it during your revision & exams so you perform at your best
  • The confidence and motivation needed to do the work that will bring you success

What it consists of

  • Three x 90 minute coaching sessions, usually over a period of six to eight weeks
  • A free, bonus, 30 minute coaching boost by phone for you to use at short notice at any time during your revision or exam period
  • Between session support by email, for times you need some extra help
  • All the tools needed to complete the coaching programme

What you'll pay

The Exam Success Coaching Programme costs from £379.

This coaching can be delivered online, by phone or face to face if you live within striking distance of Ashby de la Zouch.

Face to face coaching is available elsewhere, but please note that additional charges may apply in this case to cover travel.

Ready for success?

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