Career Change Coaching Programme

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion”
Simon Sinek

Are you stuck in a rut with your career?

With a working life spanning forty years or more, it’s hardly surprising to find that what we want out of our career changes over time. You may still feel ambitious to achieve career success…but somehow, the work you’re doing now is just no longer cutting it for you.

Maybe, after twenty years in one industry or type or role, you’re hankering for a new challenge?

Perhaps you want to develop a career with greater flexibility that will allow you more time for yourself and your children?

Or maybe your priorities and passions have changed over time, and what you want out of work now is very different to the things that mattered to you when you first started out in your career?

On this coaching programme we will work together to:

  • Explore your strengths, values, passions and motivators and how you can incorporate these in your future career
  • Understand the things you need practically and emotionally from your career, including the right balance for you between the amount of time you want to spend working, the amount you want to earn and the things you want to achieve from your work
  • Explore and consider the career options open to you, and decide which direction to take
  • Create a vision for your future career and put together a plan to make it happen.
Happy woman smiling

Who will benefit from this programme?

  • Working mothers who want to take their career in a new direction in order to gain greater flexibility for juggling family life, to earn more money to be able to support the needs of a growing family or simply to find a new challenge now the children are getting older
  • Women returning to work after a period of time out to look after children, who want to work out what kind of career path to follow
  • Women facing an enforced change in their working circumstances following a change in their family circumstances or redundancy, who wish to use the opportunity to consider a complete career change
  • Women who have achieved all they wanted to within their current career path, are no longer bouncing out of bed in the morning at the thought of their work, are looking for a new challenge that excites them.

What you'll achieve

  • A clear plan for the direction you will take your future career and what you need to do to get there
  • An understanding of your strengths, passions and motivators and how you will use these to build your career path to happiness
  • The confidence you need to move your career forward in your chosen direction

What we'll deliver

  • Six hours of coaching over a period of three to four months
  • Between session support by email, for times you need some extra help
  • All the tools, exercises and materials needed to complete the programme and decide on your career direction

What you'll pay

The Career Change Coaching Programme costs from £525.

This can be paid in monthly instalments over the course of the programme.

Want more information?

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