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Are you still choosing a poor work-life balance?

Are you struggling with your work-life balance? Overwhelmed with responsibilities and to-do lists, dripping in technology that’s supposed to help you but is (whisper it) actually adding to your stress levels?

What would a good work-life balance actually look like to you? Maybe it’s so long since you had it, you’ve forgotten what it feels like to feel in control of your life, to have regular time to yourself for the things that truly feed the soul, and to not be so busy you’re forgetting to actually make a life.

Last week one of my clients said to me “Since I became more positive and started to think differently and I realised I was in control of the decisions I make, my work-life balance has totally changed. I feel so calm now, and I have space in my head for the first time in ages. I guess the same stresses are still there…but I’m not actually stressed any more!”

She had realised that having a poor work-life balance is actually a choice. And now, she is making different choices and choosing a good work-life balance instead. She hasn’t changed her job nor the hours she works and she hasn’t shipped her children out to someone else to look after nor hired a housekeeper. But she has understood that she needs to make changes and that those changes start with the way she thinks, the way she approaches the decisions she must make about what to do and what not to do, and the way she reacts to life’s curved-balls.

When it comes to using your time better (and spending that precious time in a happy state of mind rather than a stressed or anxious one), there’s also a huge role to be played by developing some more personal confidence and I am now working with this client to improve her confidence in herself, which will allow her to procrastinate less, and spend less of her precious time dwelling on negative feedback and comments.

If you’re still suffering with a poor work-life balance, and want to build a happier one, where you get the really important things done and feel totally fine about saying no to the less important things, coaching is one way to tackle it head-on and make some lasting changes that will leave you happier, less stressed and more successful.

Because when you’re in the middle of the whirlwind of all those responsibilities and stresses, having someone else to help you unpick the situation and work out where to start, what needs to change and how on earth you can do that without letting anyone down, having someone to support you, listen to you, push you to act and help you see what’s really going on can be invaluable. I’d love to talk to you about whether I could help with that coaching, whether that’s in a business context or a private, personal one.

Or, if you feel able to manage making the changes yourself, but could do with some focused time to think, develop a plan and quick-start the process, I’d love to welcome you to my “Build A Happier Work-Life Balance” workshop at Champneys Springs on March 11th, where I’ll encourage you to work out what’s at the root cause of your personal work-life balance issues, and decide on some changes to the choices you’re currently making, so you ditch some stress, lose the feelings of being overwhelmed and get back in control of your own life.

I’m offering an early-bird booking price of just £75 for all workshop bookings made by February 12th. And, in the name of great work-life balance, the workshop includes at least two hours to relax and use the facilities of Champneys Springs Spa Resort as well as a delicious lunch.

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