I’m Jo Lee –
The No Stress Success Coach 
I help hard-working executives, leaders, managers and business owners get back in control of their workload, their stress and their work life balance.
Jo Lee, business coaching, life coaching and career coaching for women in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and across the Midlands

I love working with people like you: leaders, business owners and executives who are ambitious and able. You get fulfilment, satisfaction and enjoyment from achieving and succeeding at work….but right now you are struggling.  Not because you can’t do each of the things required of you, but because there’s too many things: Work things. More work things. Family things. Life admin. Demands from others. More work things. People sticking their oar in. More family things. More work things (did we mention that already?).

You’re so busy doing, you’ve no idea when you’re supposed to find time to actually lead. Or live.

I know, both from first hand experience, and the experiences of the many clients I’ve worked with, how easy it is to feel like you’re failing – that you’re obviously not good enough if, despite being intelligent and able, you can’t achieve the success you’re ambitious for in business and feel in control of the rest of your life at the same time, in a way that leaves you with the time and headspace to be able to switch off and relax.

You know you’d be capable of achieving success in each part of your life and work separately, if that was the only thing you had to focus on….but it isn’t. You have work, you have home/family responsibilities, and you want time to relax and enjoy life for yourself too (is that too much to ask for?) and yet however much you want it, you just can’t seem to make it happen.

Instead, what you’re experiencing is:

  • A workload that generally feels out of control – a never-ending to do list that you feel ashamed about not being able to get to the bottom of
  • Business priorities drifting because you can never get the combination of time, confidence and energy together at once to focus on them, spending most of your time fighting just to stay on top of things
  • Guilt about the amount of time you spend working, when others (usually children or elderly parents) need you
  • And guilt too about spending time with the children or to yourself, because you should really be working and getting on top of that to do list

You might also be doubting yourself and your abilities, worried about who you are letting down.

You might be worrying that this is impacting on your income, or will do if you don’t get it sorted soon.

You might be on the verge of being signed off work with stress.

You may even be starting to feel you just don’t deserve to have and love it all for some reason and be feeling really fearful about what your options are looking ahead.

One thing’s for sure: You want something to change, it must change, but you have absolutely no idea how to change it.

The good news is, I do.  And you have found me.

I’ve made this change myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of others make the change too: The change from overworked, chasing your tail, stressed and exhausted to fitting it all in, in control, calm, achieving and happy  – at work and in life.

You CAN do this – how may not be obvious (if it was you’d already have done it) but I promise, I will help you uncover and follow the route to a life where you have got your workload and your work life balance in control, with time to enjoy your life again and no more fears about what will happen to your health, your relationships or your income if you don’t.

I’m going to send you off to explore my website now, to get a bit more of a feel for me and how I can help. Before I do, I want to cover off one of the questions people most often ask when they first contact me. They often say they aren’t sure whether what they need is business coaching, executive coaching or life coaching, or even stress management training.

When you work with me, you don’t have to choose between these, because you get a blend of business or executive coaching and life coaching that allows you to move seamlessly between work and life as you explore your challenges, get to the root causes of your difficulties and make the changes that enable you to feel in control, achieve what matters to you at work, manage your family responsibilities and find yourself able to switch off and relax at home.

I believe this blended approach is crucial for you, because when when enjoying and being successful in your work is integral to your enjoyment and happiness in life, the boundaries between work and life are naturally blurred and interlinked in all kinds of ways.

This allows us to focus on putting in place solutions that are highly personalised and practical for you, regardless of whether they are rooted in work, life, or somewhere in between. You can find out more about the kinds of things we might focus on when we work together on here.

My coaching practice is based in the UK Midlands, but thanks to the wonders of  Zoom we can work from wherever you are – the choice is yours. I will be as flexible as I can, because I know you are busy…my aim is to help you create more time, not gobble even more of it up!

Want to know more? I don’t blame you. You’ve got some serious stuff to explore and change and you need to know I’m the coach you trust to help you with that. So please, take some time, look around, get to know a bit more about who I am and what I offer, and then get in touch to start the ball rolling.

Hope is not a strategy.
Investing in some coaching to help you take back control of your workload , your stress and your work life balance is.
 I’m on 07947 623211 when you’re ready to take the first step, and have an informal, initial consultation to talk about where you are now and where you’d like to get to, and to find out more about how coaching works.
No pressure, no sales, no time limit, no charge.
Just talking.