I’m Jo Lee –
The No Stress Success Coach 
I help under-pressure professionals and business owners achieve the success at work they want, without the stress, Imposter Syndrome and burnout they don’t. I help you make changes that mean you control your work rather than it controlling you, so you’re able to switch off, worry less, sleep better, work less and live more.
Jo Lee, business coaching, life coaching and career coaching for women in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and across the Midlands
Hello! Can I ask you a question?

Actually, can I ask you a few?

Does your work matter to you – you know, in the way you love having a career and want to achieve success in your working life?

Do you want to feel the kind of successful that comes when you’re achieving big things at work and you’ve got time and energy left to actually enjoy your life?

Despite having a good job or running your own business, is the pressure of what you need to achieve, the stress of having to juggle so many priorities, or the fear of failing and losing it all, causing you to feel anxious, worried or overwhelmed?

Are you feeling exhausted and wondering how you’re going to carry on like this, when you’re all out of gas?

Are you secretly worried that if you were good enough at what you do, you wouldn’t need to work so many hours?

Would you love to feel confident enough about your abilities at work that you could stop worrying about what others think, stop worrying about things going wrong and would be able to cope with issues and problems without getting stressed?

Do you wish you looked forward to Monday mornings because you love what you do, and there’s nothing to worry about at work?

Do you worry about what you might lose if you make changes to what you’re doing now?

Do you believe that you only deserve the success you have because you’re prepared to put up with the stress that goes with it? Or maybe you don’t believe its possible to be successful without experiencing stress, that they go hand in hand and you’d rather have both than neither?

Would you love to understand the secrets to being able to be successful at work yet being able to leave it behind and forget about it at the end of the day, so you can release the stress, enjoy life at home, and be truly present in your life again?


I’m a professional, qualified and experienced coach, and I work with people who can answer yes to several of the above.

I help you untangle the issues that have got you where you are now, help you identify what you want, what you can change to get that, and help you work out how to go about achieving it – without adding yet more things to do your to do list.

And I’ll support you to develop the confidence, know-how, motivation and resilience to make those changes successfully, so you get back in control, ditch the stress, improve your performance, sleep better, work less and live more. 

If one or more of these sounds like you, I’m here to help:
  • The price of your current professional success is stress or burnout and a poor work life balance, and you want to do something about that (even if it seems downright impossible)
  • Worries, fears and self-doubt relating to your work mean you are working extra-long hours, can’t switch off and you’re struggling to sleep, and you’d like to be able to relax, sleep better and enjoy your work and life more again
  • Your idea of what success means to you is starting to change, and that’s leaving you feeling unsettled, anxious or stressed.
  • You’ve already decided to make a change in your career, or even to start your own business, in order to find the balance between success and happiness you want, and need some help to make the transition.
  • You (or someone who works for you) are on the verge of being signed off work with stress – or have already been signed off work with stress – and you want to find ways to improve your situation so you can return successfully, confident that the stress won’t return as soon as you do
  • Your success would be improved if you managed stressful situations more confidently or effectively
  • You’re feeling anxious because you aren’t achieving the kind of success you want and don’t know what to change to become more successful

My coaching practice is based on the border of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and serves clients from around the Midlands and beyond, including Birmingham, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire and Derbyshire.

We can work face to face, online or over the phone, daytime or evening – the choice is yours. I will be as flexible as I can, because I know you are busy!

How can I help you?
It’s time to stop wishing and start doing. I’m here to support and challenge you to make the changes that will bring you more success and less stress.
 I’m on 07947 623211 when you’re ready to take the first step, and have an informal, initial consultation to talk about where you are now and where you’d like to get to, and to find out more about how coaching works.
No pressure, no sales, no time limit, no charge.
Just talking.