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Life Atlas Workshops

Career and Life, work life balance

This workshop has now ended. If you would be interested in finding out about future dates please get in touch.

Build a Happier Work-Life Balance

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the volume of responsibilites in your life? If the combined pressures of work, family and home life are getting on top of you, this workshop is for you. In the relaxing surroundings of Champneys Springs Health Spa, in this workshop I will introduce the seven key things you need for developing a happier work-life balance, and we will work together in more depth in three of these areas so you can immediately start to make a difference to your own life.

  • Get greater clarity about what really matters to you and what your ideal work-life balance actually looks like
  • Learn how and when to say “No” (and how to do it without feeling guilty), so you can stop overloading yourself
  • Learn some techniques for managing stress and staying in control in those moments when the proverbial really hits the fan!
  • Take away an actionable plan to make changes in your life right now that will give you more time for the things you want and need to do

life coaching be the best version of you
Saturday May 13th 2017 
Champneys Springs, Leicestershire



 includes workshop, hot lunch and two hours to relax in Champney’s award winning spa 

Discover Your Best Self And Make Changes with Confidence 

If you’re facing an enforced change of some kind and are feeling anxious about what lies ahead, or if you feel you really want to do something different, or make a brave new change to something, whether in your career or in life in general….but are finding that something – a lack of confidence or uncertainty of some kind – seems to be stopping you, leaving you feeling stuck, frustrated or maybe even angry at yourself….this is the workshop for you. Whether you are feeling a general lack of confidence about your ability to achieve what you want, are feeling afraid about what might (or might not) happen if you make a change or are simply looking to get to know yourself better and develop a more positive mindset about yourself and the possibilities for yourself, why not come along and learn in a supportive environment.

  • Understand what really matters to you and why knowing this will help you make decisions about your life and work more easily
  • Be clear about your personal strengths and how to use them to help you move forward
  • Learn about where your own beliefs are are blocking your success, confidence or happiness, and learn how to change them so you can remove these barriers for good