Business Coaching for Women Running Small to Medium Sized Businesses

“They always say time changes things, but actually you have to change them yourself” 
 Andy Warhol
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If you're a woman running, or considering starting your own business....


Whether it’s opening your own salon, going freelance in your area of specialism, taking on a local franchise, building a network marketing business or using your talents to make and sell specialist products, the attractions of running your own business are clear:

  • Build a business where you can work the hours suit you, from a location that suits you
  • Experience the highs that the challenge and results of running your own business bring
  • Earn money doing something you enjoy
  • And, if you’re a parent, at the same time manage to be hands-on with childcare, get to sports days/doctors appointments/parents evenings and be there to help your children with their homework, without having to ask permission from the boss every time.

 So far, so enticing. A great lifestyle choice, yes?

Is your experience actually more like this?

  • working through the night when the kids are in bed to keep up with the  paperwork and constant demands of you on social media
  • business not flowing in exactly as you’d hoped and you aren’t making the money you’d planned
  • obstacles cropping up that you don’t know how to overcome (or haven’t got the time to overcome even if you do know how)
  • discovering aspects of running a business and managing staff that you didn’t know existed that challenge you in ways you weren’t really expecting or looking for
  • finding the home office doubling up as a playroom/general dumping ground resulting in constant interruptions as you try to focus on something important
  • regularly putting things off or not doing them at all, because you’re secretly paralysed with fear (fear of failing, fear of getting things wrong, fear of what others will think about you or about how you do things…)
  • the initial confidence you had being tested on a daily basis – you can’t imagine why you thought you were good enough to do this, you really aren’t worthy of the title businesswoman, you don’t feel remotely confident in half the new situations  you now find yourself in
  • finding being the boss and having to make all the business decisions daunting and lonely….

That’s certainly a lifestyle choice, but probably not really the one you had in mind!

Know that the way you’re feeling is more common than you think, and that with business coaching, I can help you turn things around and get back on track
Business coaching can help you

Set goals and strategies that will develop and grow your business

Develop the confidence and self-belief you need to make your business more successful

Get your new business idea off the ground

Decide which opportunity is the right one to take your business to its next level

Find solutions to problems in the business that are sucking up all your time or stopping the business from making money

Achieve the short or long term goals you’ve set for your business growth and development

Cut out the things that aren’t making any real difference and do more of the things that are

Manage your work-life balance when juggling running a business with  family and home responsibilities.

Why Choose Business Coaching With Me?

You know your business and what you want for your business better than anyone. But when you’re running at a million miles an hour trying to keep on top of everything, even if you’re a very experienced business woman it can be difficult to work out the right questions to ask yourself that will lead to getting the answers to your business challenges.

Rather than come in and tell you what to do and come up with solutions for you, I will use my 20 years of business experience to ask you the kinds of insightful questions that you may not have thought about before, that will help you to work out what’s causing your challenges and how you can solve them. Of course, I’m always happy to come up with ideas and suggestions for you to consider, but the decisions about what you do and how you do it to achieve your goals will be yours and yours alone.

Be warned: during your business coaching I will take you out of your comfort zone and make sure you confront the real issues that are holding you and your business back. But I will also be a kind of partner that you can turn to for support, motivation and to hold you accountable when your confidence is feeling low, or when you are feeling overwhelmed.

All business owners need to take some time out of the day to day now and then, to step back and consider how to make their business more profitable or how to move things forward. Business coaching gives you time to think and I will really listen to you and encourage you to think clearly and deeply to consider all the options open to you so you make the best possible decisions and get the results you are after.

At Life Atlas, I focus all my time and effort on helping women who want successful careers and family lives to achieve both, while carving out enough time for themselves to stay happy and sane! I understand that life is all about balance, and that while making your business a success is really important to you, it can’t come at the expense of your health or time with your family. So I will also be aware at all times when we work together, that your business is not the only priority in your life.

As well as the experience of setting up and running my own business, I have more than twenty years’ experience in business and marketing, and have launched, developed and grown several new brands and new business streams in that time.  I am passionate about helping women find success in their business lives while retaining the energy to enjoy raising their children without becoming overwhelmed by stress and would love to work with you to help you achieve your business goals.

Jo Lee Life Coach, Director Life Atlas Coaching
What kind of investment will you be making?

All our business coaching programmes are entirely bespoke, and are based on the specific needs of your situation. As a rule of thumb, you can expect to work with me for around four to six months to turn your issues into successes. The frequency and length of coaching sessions will depend on the issues you want to deal with.

Alternatively, you can choose to meet monthly for between six and twelve months on a retained coaching support package, where you’ll receive business coaching support with new and ongoing issues, to help you make decisions or to work out how to nip new issues in the bud.

As a guide, you can expect a six month coaching programme to help support and grow your business to cost from £1000. The actual cost will depend on your particular coaching requirements and your location.

If you have a single business issue or decision that you would like some short-term help with, our Quick Breakthrough coaching programme may be suitable.

Or, if you are looking to quickly set some really effective and stretching business goals, you may want to consider a Goal Setting Bootcamp session.

Ready to make some changes and get your business moving?

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