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“Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey”
Michael Josephson
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You are Unique!

Every woman is unique – that’s what makes us each so amazing!

Uniqueness comes with unique challenges, unique points-of-view, unique motivations and unique needs. You have a unique family and a unique career or business.

To make sure we make the best of your uniqueness, most of the coaching programmes I work on with clients are developed to be totally bespoke for you as an individual, starting with your unique goal which, of course, is set in the unique set of circumstances that you bring with you.

Once we’ve started talking and I understand where it is you want to get to and what you want to solve and achieve, I will start your programme by giving you an idea from the outset about the sorts of themes and things I expect we will work on.

But the nature of coaching means your exact needs may well change during the course of a programme, and so I always keep the content of what we’ll do together very flexible, and prepare individually for each coaching session based on the outcomes from and direction we took in our previous one.

Specific Coaching Programmes

in addition to totally bespoke life coaching and business coaching , I offer four specific coaching packages designed to help you overcome the typical issues you may face in specific situations. Because, despite our individual uniqueness, there are some issues that ambitious career women with children like you commonly face.

Quick Breakthrough Programme

Get yourself unstuck and make sound decisions about what to do next, in one short, sweet, half day coaching session

Strong Woman Development Programme

Improve your confidence, let go of hang-ups, be clear about what really matters to you and develop a set of life goals that will bring you long-term happiness and success

Maternity Coaching Programme

Get ready for the biggest life change of all, then return to work with confidence, without guilt, and with a good work-life balance set up from the start

Career Change Coaching Programme

Develop a clear plan for the direction you will take your future career based on your skills and passions, and know what you need to do to get there

Each of these programmes contain specific themes and exercises that I will cover with you, but as with all good coaching, they have a large degree of flexibility built in.

So when you work with me on one of these programmes I will always run it in a way that focuses on helping you achieve the specific outcomes and solve the particular issues that are unique and personal to you.

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