I’m Jo Lee – business, career and personal development coach for ambitious working women who want to create both career success and personal happiness
I help you develop the confidence, self-belief and know-how to improve your business, career and personal success and achieve a better work-life balance.
Jo Lee, Business and Life Coach in Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire
Welcome to Life Atlas Coaching
If you’re a busy, ambitious, working woman looking to grow your career or business success and personal happiness with greater confidence and a healthy work-life balance, then you are in the right place to get all the help you need!
Let’s be totally honest.

Women think differently to men.  And we face, and place on ourselves, different expectations – particularly once we’ve had children. The feeling that we are not good enough, that we “should” do it ALL – at work, at home, with our family, is real, and leaves many of us working ourselves to the bone, with an unhealthy and unhappy work-life balance.

The struggle for confidence that many women, even the brightest, most able women, experience is a real one,  and it is this lack of confidence and self-belief that frequently leaves women feeling afraid or ashamed to push themselves forward, so worried about failing that they don’t take the steps that might just see them succeed, and  sees many unable to delegate, procrastinating over decisions, or saying “yes” more often than they really want to, with too much to do as a result.

All this can stop even the brightest, most successful and ambitious of women from moving forward, tackling problems and making changes that would bring them more success and greater happiness.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you would really love to change that, then get in touch, because these are exactly the kinds of issues that I can help you overcome, while helping you develop career or business success, leaving you feeling happier and more confident as well being more successful.

I am a certified business and personal coach with two children, with a background as a senior business leader in marketing and retail.

I have experienced the highs and lows of juggling the demands of career and family that you know so well, and I now work supporting you to achieve the confidence, career success, personal happiness and work-life balance that you want and deserve.
My coaching practice is based on the border of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and serves clients from around the Midlands including Birmingham, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
How can I help you?
Help me develop more confidence and self-belief
Help me start, develop or grow my small business and my confidence as a business owner 
Help me get a happier, healthier work-life balance
Who do I work with?

For many women who have ambitions to achieve successful careers or businesses, it’s hard to separate work and life as a whole.  So, whether I’m working with a business owner or an employed career woman, much of the coaching I do encompasses both business or career goals and issues relating to work-life balance.

I am passionate about supporting women to develop their businesses and careers in a way that means they are able to enjoy the challenge and personal satisfaction that running a business or developing a successful career brings…without feeling that stress, anxiety or guilt are a necessary by-product that they’ll just have to live with,  and without finding their ambitions grinding to a halt through lack of self-belief or confidence or through fears of failure or not being good enough.

Some of the women I typically work with are:

  • Women running small to medium sized businesses, who want to grow and develop their business with confidence
  • Ambitious, successful working women and business owners who are secretly struggling with personal confidence, which is leading to stress and anxiety and stopping them from progressing and achieving the changes and further success they are looking for .
  • Working women who are feeling overwhelmed and facing burnout as they “power on through it” while feeling pulled in opposite directions by the twin demands of job and family
  • Women who are considering, or are starting their own business as a way of gaining more flexibility in their lives, and who want support to develop and build it
  • Women who feel at a cross-roads with their career, who are feeling unsure about which direction to take next
  • Newly-promoted women (especially first time managers or leaders) who want to develop their confidence in dealing with people and new responsibilities more easily and successfully
  • Career women who are expecting, or have just had, their first baby and are struggling with confidence and fears about managing work and family commitments
  • Working mothers who want to make a change in their careers, either because their children are growing and they’re ready to focus on their own development again, or because they need to develop a career with greater flexibility or financial reward to work alongside their family’s needs.
  • Women who are taking on more and more, wishing they could say no but always saying yes, with more on their plate than they can cope with as a result
If any of these sound like you, and you could use some help to get things on a better, happier, more successful track, I’d love to work with you.
Please contact me to get the ball rolling.

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